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A review of the Jelly & Gelato collection by Zoella Beauty | marthajaneedwards.com


I’ll happily hold my hands up and admit that I’m a big fan of Zoe Sugg, or Zoella, as she’s more widely known online. Like many, when I first stumbled into this strange world of bloggers and vloggers, Zoe was one of the first YouTubers I discovered. I became one of almost 12 million people to fall for her infectious positivity and, over two years later, I continue to enjoy watching her life unfold online. To me, it is simply amazing that a young woman has forged an empire through her online presence, and I find her success to be extremely motivating and inspirational. First her beauty products, then her books, and now her lifestyle range – what you can achieve thanks to social media these days is incredible! Though I can’t call myself a superfan, as I haven’t read the books or tried the majority of her products, I had a taste of her last beauty range, Sweet Inspirations, and loved it! It’s for this reason that I knew I had to get my hands on the new Jelly & Gelato range. So what do I think?

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A review of the Pink Bath Wafers from the Jelly & Gelato collection by Zoella Beauty | marthajaneedwards.com


In all honesty, what really drew me into the Jelly & Gelato range wasn’t the name or the scent, but the gorgeous packaging! The Pink Bath Wafers are the easily the crowning glory of the collection on the appearance front, thanks to their luxurious paper wrappings in pastel pink and orange hues. As for the product itself, this is a moisturising fizz bar in the shape of the iconic pink wafer. It’s a hefty thing which is designed for two baths, but can definitely be stretched further. Don’t expect anything mindblowing when the wafer hits the water, because like the rest of the range, this is a slightly more understated and elegant product that makes up for a lack of theatrics with its summery scent. Psst! Check out the video at the bottom of the post for a demonstration!


I was really intrigued by the idea of the Bath Frosting, because while I’d used products that turn the water white before, I’d never come across bath milk powder. I really feel like Zoe was leaning towards her older viewers with this range, because as opposed to bath bubbles or brightly coloured soap on a stick, the Jelly & Gelato range feels a touch more mature, despite its name! This gorgeous card container comes with four sachets of powder which create soft, white, gently scented water when poured under a running tap. It really is a treat for the skin, and the signature elderflower and pomegranate scent lingers on the body for hours after you’ve stepped out of the water. It is a slightly pricier option, considering it’s designed for four baths, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay.

A review of the Bath Frosting from the Jelly & Gelato collection by Zoella Beauty | marthajaneedwards.com
A review of the Shower Sauce from the Jelly & Gelato collection by Zoella Beauty | marthajaneedwards.com


There are two shower products available in the Jelly & Gelato range, and this struck me as strange initially. However, it turns out that they have slightly different properties. The Shower Shake is a creamy formula which comes in milkshake shaped packaging and moisturises as well as cleans. Meanwhile, the Shower Sauce is simply a good old fashioned shower gel. The more understated packaging as well as the larger volume of product drew me to the latter! It smells good, lathers well and, once again, lingers for hours. Though I didn’t adore the scent of the range at first, it honestly improves tenfold when out of the packaging and onto the skin, and that goes for every single product in this post. And actually? I think that’s a sign of a well thought out product.


I’m always in need of body scrubs. Unlike lots of girls, I haven’t been blessed with baby soft skin, so my arms and legs need some help from time to time. Though it’s not as rough as I usually like my scrubs, the Cream Scrub is probably better for me. Rather than rubbing my skin red raw, this salt scrub is designed for gentle exfoliation, and a little goes a long way. It’s packed densely into the container, meaning there are loads of particles per scoop, and your money goes much further! Most importantly, it really did leave my skin feeling silky soft. It’s not as effective as my favourite Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub, and it’s definitely my least favourite product to look at, but it’s probably the one I’ll get the most use out of, so I can’t complain too much!

A review of the Cream Scrub from the Jelly & Gelato collection by Zoella Beauty | marthajaneedwards.com
A review of the Body Pudding from the Jelly & Gelato collection by Zoella Beauty | marthajaneedwards.com


Finally, after you’ve rubbed your skin red, it needs some hydration! The Body Pudding is perfect for that, being what I believe is the most effective product in the range. It’s a whipped body cream, somewhere between the consistency of a butter and a lotion, and it’s infused with moisturising beads that dissolve into the skin. Despite its small size, this product feels luxurious on the skin, and it just keeps giving. You only need a small amount to cover an entire leg, and being a 5’9″ gal whose height is in her legs, that’s quite a lot of leg! I’ve been really impressed by this product, and once again, I’ve got to emphasise how well the scent works and lingers on the skin. All in all, the entire range looks good, does what it says on the tin, and smells great. Honestly, girl did good!



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A review of the Jelly & Gelato collection by Zoella Beauty | marthajaneedwards.com