5 Ways To Make A Happy & Healthy Transition Into Autumn

Martha Jane Edwards wearing a chunky off shoulder mustard knit with blue skinny jeans and gold aviator geek glasses | marthajaneedwards.com


It’s official! Autumn is here, and if you’re anything like me, you couldn’t be happier about it! I could give you the whole spiel about crunchy leaves and crisp air and pumpkin spice and crackling fires and toasted marshmallows and – oops! No, I won’t do that. Instead, I thought I’d talk you through 5 ways to make a happy & healthy transition into autumn. I attended my first press event this week, and it was all about how we prepare for autumn, or more to the point, how we don’t! We like to think about our transitional wardrobes and our berry lipsticks, but we don’t really think about how we should adjust to shorter days, soaring stress levels and sniffly noses. You all know I’m a wellbeing fanatic by now, so I wanted to write something on preparing your mind and body for autumn. I’m really proud of this one, so grap a hot cup of tea, and let’s get stuck in!

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With autumn come colder winds and central heating, and your skin won’t thank you if you continue to use the same skincare routine it’s been enjoying throughout the warmer months. We all suffer with dryness as the weather cools, even those of us with oily skin, so it’s time to add some moisture. Ditch the foam based cleanser for a balm or oil based product, and make sure to use a hydrating toner after cleansing. Lock in the moisture by swapping your lightweight moisturisers for heavier creams and lotions, and consider adding a hyaluronic acid product to really help out struggling skin. A nice thick lip balm and non-greasy hand cream won’t go amiss either! The Body Shop have a vanilla and pumpkin option which is calling my name…




I know I’m not the only one who feels like autumn is a bit of a fresh start – it must be all those Septembers going back to school! Refreshing your home and work space is a great way to capitalise on that feeling and squeeze every ounce of productivity out of yourself. It can be anything as simple as autumnal bedding, a fluffy cushion or a snuggly knit throw, but it could be something as effective as a Lumie body clock to help you beat those dark mornings, or a snake plant to clean the air in your home, even when all the leaves outside are gone. If you don’t have the budget to kit out your home, then don’t worry! Little touches like a fresh Rifle Paper Co. notebook or an adorable novelty elephant mug can make a world of a difference, too.

A snuggly corner of the bedroom for autumn, complete with a Lumie bodyclock lamp, a chunky knit throw and a gold tray with tea | marthajaneedwards.com


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It’s harvest this weekend, and that actually used to mean something when I was a child. However, in 2017 we have access to every kind of food we could want, even if it has more air miles than we do! Does anybody else remember singing school hymns about Michaelmas? How about harvest festivals with the local village? Maybe that’s just me and my countryside upbringing, but there is something wonderful about seeing seasonal vegetables stacked up in baskets. Aside from autumnal aesthetics, eating seasonally can actually do us a world of good. Orange vegetables like butternut squash and carrots are packed with beta-carotene, and I don’t need to tell you how good leafy greens like kale and broccoli are! Find a full list of seasonal foods here.




When I was younger, I was anaemic for a short time, so my doctor recommended iron supplements to ease the symptoms. I also recently started eating a plant based diet five days a week, and I’ve been taking multivitamins to make sure I’m getting enough of the things I might be lacking. Accordingly, I think supplements can be extremely helpful additions to any modern day diet, because very few of us get everything we need from the food we eat. Unlike teatoxes or juice cleanses, supplements aren’t a gimmick, and I’d encourage you to consider them if you struggle with fatigue or illness regularly. After attending an event about this very topic, I’m currently using the Hello Day Autumn Box. This was gifted to me, but I am under no obligation to write about it – I just think it’s a really great concept!

The Hello Day Autumn Supplement Box | marthajaneedwards.com

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Finally, I wasn’t going to forget to mention the transitional wardrobe! For me, autumn is without a doubt my favourite time of year to dress for. Summer is too hot and sticky, spring is too unpredictable, and winter leaves me looking like a shapeless mass of woolly knits. However, autumn is the perfect mix of effortless layering, chunky boots and my trusty jeans. Red is the colour of the moment, so stock up on statement red accessories, like this bag or these boots. If you like something more feminine, then the bold and artsy boho dress might be for you. Alternatively, if androgyny is more your thing, then embrace the Prince of Wales check trouser suit. As for me, I’ll stick to a chunky knit and a fail safe long line coat. Autumn wardrobe, done!


Martha Jane Edwards wearing a chunky off shoulder mustard knit with blue skinny jeans and gold aviator geek glasses | marthajaneedwards.com



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How do you transition into autumn?


5 Ways To Make A Healthy & Happy Transition Into Autumn | marthajaneedwards.com