A Poem About Depression | World Mental Health Day


Window rattle and groan
As a 747 makes it final descent into Heathrow.
The sterile hiss and hum
Of fluorescent flicker lighting overhead.
Primary colour stain
And fade into shade in the corner of a dated whiteboard.
They’re the things I notice
When the doctor asks me if I ever feel suicidal.

Well, I do.
In the moments when an entire ocean washes over my face and
The pressure bores into my temple like a jackhammer and
My cheekbones are straining under the weight and
The yellows of the world fade away and
Blue light turns to nothing and
Silence is deafening.

Not even
the bed
my feet

In those moments.
I just want to die.

Tip of the tongue stutter the words:
I am afraid.
I am alone.
I am lost.
Am I loved?
I am sorry.
I am not OK.
I am depressed.

When I try to say the words out loud
They are swallowed by adjectives easier to swallow.

I have depression
And I don’t know how to tell you.



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I wrote this poem about struggling to tell somebody exactly how you’re feeling when you’re depressed – something you can hear more about at the end of the video above. If you liked my poem, please do give the post or the video a share. It would mean a lot!