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There she goes again! Anybody who has been reading my blog since the start of the year probably didn’t need this post to see that I don’t really have a clue what I’m doing with my blog at the moment. There’s been an awful lot of back and forth and second-guessing myself on every decision I made. In fact, the last post I published (way back in mid-May!) was all about coming to terms with my colourful rebrand essentially being a huge failure. I scrapped the colourful Instagram grid in favour of a more relaxed upload schedule and it’s worked out exactly how I hoped. Instagram is more enjoyable and more rewarding again, and it’s a relief. However, that did start me thinking about my blog.
I was incredibly proud of my colourful fashion content when I first introduced the change in Decemberb. In an online world full of glossy street style imagery captured by pricey photographers, I thought my self-captured images were something new and interesting. Unfortunately, as it turns out, nobody really liked it, and simultaneously, I started to fall even further out of love with fashion blogging. There’s are lots of issues with fashion blogging that nobody really mentions, but perhaps the most pressing is that it’s almost completely unsustainable for anybody on any kind of budget. If you can’t afford to buy premium brands, than you’re left with little choice other than to turn to fast fashion. However, in the fast fashion industry, things are going out of stock just as quickly as they’re released, meaning your fashion content is redundant almost as soon as you’ve posted it.
For the last few years, I was studying for my undergraduate degree with a decent student loan to cover my blogging costs. I’ve always been an ASOS addict, so new clothes were regularly making their way into my wardrobe, and naturally, fashion became my blogging topic of choice. However, come September 2017, I was suddenly having to dig deep into my own hard earned funds to cover the cost of my Master’s degree, and it quickly became clear that fashion blogging was about to become very difficult for me. I tried to sustain it for another six months, but thanks to an email kindly notifying me that my tuition fees have been raised for the coming year (thanks for that, King’s), I’m pretty sure my fashion blog is dead. Kaput.
You could say I could make it work, but the truth is, I don’t really want to. I adore clothes, shoes and accessories an excessive amount and, judge me all you want, I’d buy new things every week if I could. However, fashion blogging has become almost entirely sales driven and I’m not sure I’m into that culture any more. Sadly, that does mean I’ve been left with no idea what I want to blog about.

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I’ve had an extremely successful couple of months on YouTube, I had a lovely relaxing holiday with all the time in the world to think (or not think) about everything, and everyday I fall harder and faster for my dream of living and breathing music. All of these things have shifted my priorities and altered my perspective, and if I look even further back, I feel like my growth as a person over the past year is tangible, even if it hasn’t always been an easy ride. The end point I want to reach is clear as day, and although I’m not 100% certain on how I’ll reach it, my blog isn’t very high on the priority list, in all honesty. More than anything else, I just want to enjoy it again.
When I started blogging, much like everybody else, it was because I wanted to share whatever had captured my imagination that day, be it a social issue, a makeup brand, a recent trip or a new dress. It was simple and enjoyable and I probably wouldn’t be doing as well as I am today if I hadn’t taken that embarrassing leap. In time, we all turned towards more curated, editorial content which drove clicks and sales above everything else, and looking back, I’ll admit that in 2017, my blog became driven by the career prospects rather than the joy of it. Despite what people think, fashion blogging is extremely hard work, and though I once thought I’d like to blog for a living, I just don’t want to give all of my time and effort to it anymore. So how can my blog accompany me on my journey to make a career as a music artist?
The truth is I don’t know what the brand and growth friendly answer is, and while I don’t want to give blogging up, I don’t think I can produce carefully thought out content on a twice weekly schedule like I could before. Therefore, it seems that I’m left with little choice other than to go back to the diary style blog I started in the first place, and to be honest, I think I’m kind of over the moon about that. I want my blog to fit into my life, rather than the other way around, so I guess I’m going to take it back to its roots by creating spontaneous, natural content about whatever takes my fancy. The fashion posts aren’t going anywhere because, like I said, I’m way too obsessed with clothes, but it’s time to mix things up a bit. I really hope I’ve finally figured this whole thing out!

OK, I Admit It. I Don't Know What I'm Doing | blye.co.uk


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OK, I Admit It. I Don't Know What I'm Doing | blye.co.uk