'Back To You' by BLYE - out everywhere now.




Beyond excited to announce that my debut single, 'Money' is out! You can click here to stream or purchase it from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and more.

I wrote this song on the day I was told my university fees were being raised when I couldn't cover the cost as they were. It's about theĀ frustration of living in a world run by money when all you want to do is make music - the starving artist trope exists for a reason!

If you like the song (or even if you don't), I want to ask a huge favour of you. Please add it to your playlists, stream it on loop, share it like crazy, and encourage anybody you think might like it to do the same! I've done everything from the writing to the mixing to the artwork myself, and being an independent artist, it's really hard to make your voice heard, so I need all the helping hands I can get. Can't believe we're finally here after all this time and I hope you'll come on this journey with me. Thank you to those of you who've been there since the start! x

Unbelievably happy to tell you that my new song, 'Back To You' is out now! Click here to stream or purchase it from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and more.

Releasing my first song was a really steep learning curve, so I didn't want to release anything too personal the first time round. However, 'Back To You' is very different. Although it might sound like it's about a person, it was actually inspired by lots of things. Namely, my relationship with music, the life that I envision for myself, and the city of Brighton which holds many fond memories, past and future. While 'Money' was a bit of a trial track, I definitely think 'Back To You' is closer to my sound, and I'm really proud of what I achieved with the production and mixing on this one.

Even more than last time, I would be unbelievably grateful if you could add it to your playlists, stream it all day and all night, share it everywhere, and encourage everybody you know to do the same! Once again, this has been a DIY endeavour, and I really need any help I can get. So excited about this one, so I hope you love it as much as I do! x