I am a London based singer-songwriter and MA Cultural & Creative Industries student who is fascinated by the online world. When I started uploading music videos to YouTube in late 2014, I had no idea that the digital sphere would explode into a place where music, video, fashion and art come alive. These days, I am inspired by the endless possibilities that online platforms present.
Just like a song tells a story, an outfit or a makeup look can reveal a lot about a person, so for me, music and image go hand in hand. Personally, I like to think of my makeup as my warpaint and my clothing as my armour. They’re integral parts of my online identity, which is why they each have a place here at BLYE.CO.UK. As well as weekly vlogs and music videos on my music channel, I upload graphic makeup tutorials on my makeup channel and share my favourite outfits on my blog. I’m not afraid of a think piece or two, either!
My personal style is marked by vibrant colours, bold prints and unusual textures. Similarly, I’d describe my makeup as bright, artistic and eye catching, so if these sound like keywords that fit your brand, please get in touch! Finally, if you like what you see here, then be sure to say hello across my social media platforms. I’d love you to join me on:




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